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Creating a better world requires teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration, as we need an entire army of companies to work together to build a better world within the next few decades. This means corporations must embrace the benefits of cooperating with one another.

– Simon Mainwaring

Dhruv Sharma

A master solutions designer with a keen interest in interaction design & consumer-market ecosystem dynamics.

Aakriti Sharma

With expertise in Qualitative research methodologies, Aakriti has worked in a varied number of domains which includes agriculture, education, consumer goods, media, retail, health care, & more. Her ability to connect with the end-users gives her an edge in the fieldwork.

Vikas Vashisht

Double Gold Medalist in M.Sc Anthropology (Hons. School) A keen observer of social behaviors with a deep understanding of market & societal dynamics. With experience in marketing & product development, possesses a unique ability to convert insights into actionable opportunities.