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Market Research

Your Weapon of Choice

Market Research & Analysis at KDASS is a synchronized activity to collect & structure data sets for our clients in order to equip them with the right market & consumer intel, which further helps them in the strategy making process. The intelligence provided by KDASS helps its clients identify important information & need gaps, & thus help maintain their competitiveness over the competitors.

A comprehensively structured model of Market Research at KDASS follows various aspects of its clients needs which includes the following

  • Marketing Communication Assessment
  • Advertising Evaluation
  • Brand Assessment
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Choice Modelling
  • Product Evaluation
  • Customer Analysis
  • Product Placement
  • Brand Perception
  • Segmentation

For achieving the same, KDASS deploys various tools at its dispense. Some of them are listed as below:

  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research
    • In-Depth Interviews
    • Focused Group Discussions
    • Spot Interviews
    • Mystery Shopping
    • Market Visits
    • Expert Interviews
    • Online Surveys
    • Telephonic Interviews
    • Panels
  • Persona
  • Scenarios

Deploying above tools, KDASS helps its clients through a systematic &  objective identification, collection, analysis, &  dissemination of information for the purpose of assisting management in decision making related to the identification and solution of problems and opportunities in marketing & product development.